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Pamper Yourself With
The Best Nail Care

Whether you need excellent nail care or looking for some relaxing foot massage, Venetian Nail Spa is the destination to be. Offering services beyond the Extra-Ordinary that will you help you relieve stress and rejuvenate from head to toe.

WINNIPEG'S ONE & ONLY PEDICURES Experience the Difference

Quick Escape Pedicure The Traditional

Indulge in the enchanting experience of our VOLCANIC foot bath, enriched with our proprietary mixture of soothing Lavender essential oil. We'll meticulously trim your nails, refine your cuticles, and give them a smooth finish with our buffing process. A mini massage using our luscious lotion awaits, followed by the warmth of our hot towel treatment. We conclude this luxurious ritual with a polish of your preference.
20-25 Minutes | 40+

Royal Hot Stone Pedicure

Savor the opulence of an ephemeral 3-minutes, graced with the warmth of meticulously volcanic stones, enveloping you in an unsurpassed massage ritual. This is seamlessly accompanied by an exquisite, eco-friendly scrub, meticulously formulated to breathe vitality into your legs and feet.

30 Minutes | 45+ 


Venetian Signature Pedicure

Immerse yourself in an extended session of hot stone massage, harmoniously combined with a nature-sourced scrub, and brought to culmination with a calming paraffin foot encasement, meticulously designed to transport you to the zenith of tranquillity.

40-50 Minutes | 65+ 

Shellac Pedicure

Our premium polish refinement assures an instantaneous hardening phenomenon, magnified radiance, and timeless excellence, persisting through a triad of weeks and extending further into the infinite canvas of time.

30-35 Minutes | 50+ 


Best Seller: Jelly Mystique Pedicure The One & Only - A Must Try!

Immerse yourself in a unique spa pedicure that pairs playful jelly with lavish care. Crafted from our signature blend of citrus, organic Cherry, and Korean Ginseng, this innovative treatment transforms water into a massaging jelly, alleviating stress and tension. Your journey continues with an Organic Cherry exfoliation and a Cherry buttercream wrap, culminating with a hot towel wrap and organic massage butter. This treatment delivers a balance of fun and luxury, resulting in revitalized, blissfully soothed feet.

You've never felt your feet THIS SMOOTH before - WE GUARANTEE IT!

45 Minutes | 70+ 

Lavender Escape Pedicure Treat Yo-Self, You Deserve It.

Relish in a spa pedicure steeped in the calming allure of Sardinian lavender, invigorating green tea, and fragrant jasmine. These elements collaborate to hydrate and detoxify, starting with an organic lavender soak and a fizzy bath bomb. Our magic-callus remover effortlessly tackles tough calluses, followed by an organic lavender scrub smoothing rough skin. The treatment peaks with a lavender collagen wrap, a 15-minute hot stone massage, and a lavish application of lavender-rich body butter, leaving your feet in a state of supreme indulgence.

50-60 Minutes | 80+



Champagne Cuvée Pedicure (Coming Soon)

Sojourn into opulence. This elite treatment begins with a relaxing soak in a bath infused with genuine champagne extract and grape seed oil, renowned for their antioxidant and skin-softening properties. More details await...

65 Minutes | 95+


Organic Paradise Pedicure Highly Recommended

Prepare for an unparalleled pedicure experience! We initiate your journey with our bespoke amino acid detox foot soak, exuding an enchanting aroma. Fresh citrus slices and blooming rose petals join an organic bath bomb, creating a playful, effervescent spectacle while promoting skin health. The journey continues with an exfoliating scrub, a collagen leg mask, and a muscle-soothing gel accompanying a hot stone massage (for a combined half-hour treatment). An ultra-soft skin serum treats your legs and feet before a final flourish of a polish of your choosing seals this paradisiacal experience.

55-60 Minutes | 85+ 


Botanical Bliss Pedicure (Coming Soon)

An indulgent retreat into nature’s most therapeutic offerings. This unique 60-minute treatment commences with a restorative soak featuring a bespoke blend of essential oils, coupled with rare Thai herbs renowned for their detoxifying properties. More details await...

70 Minutes | 105+ 

The Luxe: Golden Goddess Pedicure (Coming Soon - In Development)

Gold, revered for over three millennia as a testament to power and affluence, underpins this supreme pedicure experience that Venetian proudly offers. Begin with a revitalizing soak imbued with rose petals, cucumber, and opulent 24K gold. Our foaming shea rose cleanser and essential pedicure care follow in harmony. Revel in our signature Thai herbal massage and CBD-infused butter massage, each lasting a decadent 10 minutes and intertwined with the therapeutic embrace of hot stones. Further indulge in a warm paraffin foot wrap as your legs are lavishly cocooned in fresh cucumber and 24K gold shea butter. Conclude with our exclusive olive oil-based heel balm, leaving your heels radiating with a golden glow. This intricate dance of luxury and care speaks to Venetian's commitment to uncompromising quality.

80-85 Minutes | 130+
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The Extraordinary - Manicures

Classic Manicure

Includes our signature volcanic lavender soak, nail trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, a lotion massage service, hot towel finished with your choice of color.

Shellac Manicure

Your hands are prepped for the shellac polish application following the classic manicure. The polish is cured with an LED light and your nails are instantly dry! Shellac feels virtually weightless, and lasts much longer than the standard polish. Choose from our wide selection of over 700 shellac colours!

Venetian Manicure

A deluxe extension to our classic manicure. Your hands are treated with a fragrant-scented exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin. It is then followed by a refreshing and invigorating paraffin wrap to nourish your skin with Vitamin E & essential oils, ending with a hand massage, hot towel service and your choice of color.

Special Combos:

Spa Pedicure & Classic Manicure $65+

Shellac Pedicure & Shellac Manicure $85+

Organic Dip Manicure

Discover the prestige of dip manicures -  a lasting and resilient nail enhancement, healthier than shellac. With a seamless application process and an exquisite range of colors, enjoy impeccable nails that exude natural beauty and durability.

40 Mins | 65+ 

NEW: Jasmine Harmony Manicure

Begin with an organic jasmine and 24K gold soak + fizzer, followed by a 10-minute soothing hand massage. Revel in a luxurious cucumber and 24K gold mask wrap, enhanced by our hot towel service, and culminate in an organic buttercream massage for ultimate tranquility.

40 Mins | 70+ 

Nail Extensions Quality like Noneother

Highly Recommended – LCN Liquid Gel Nails

Our most natural feeling, non-yellowing product that is gentler & more beneficial on the nail bed than Acrylics. This product is incredibly durable and feels completely natural. A shellac/gel color of your choice is included.

A Product of Germany

  • *New Set $75+
  • *Refill $70+
  • Overlay New Set $75+ / Overlay Refill $70+

Designs/Extra Length are subject to additional charges. 


Most Popular - Acrylic Nails: Acrylic

The most popular form of nail extensions due to its durability and low maintenance. Your choice of a gel/shellac color adds the finishing touch.

A Product of the USA. 

  • *New set $60+ 
  • *Refill $55+
  • Overlay New Set $60+ / Overlay Refill $55+

Designs/Extra Length are subject to additional charges. 


Ombre Acrylic Nails

A classy two-colour tone of acrylics faded into each other. Always classy, you can never go wrong with acrylic ombre.

A Product of the USA. 

  • *New set $75+
  • *Refill $70+
  • Overlay New Set $75+ / Overlay Refill $70+

Designs/Extra Length are subject to additional charges. 


Coloured Acrylic Powder

A new product, coloured acrylic powder applies similar to standard acrylic powder. This colored acrylic itself comes in a wide variety of colors and provides a more classy-powdery look than the classic gel/shellac colour on top of acrylics. This new look works incredibly well with any event of outing.

A Product of the USA. 

  • *New set $65+
  • *Refill $60+
  • Overlay New Set $65+ / Overlay Refill $60+

*Note: Applies to all nail extension services; Additional designs, multiple colours, jewels, French are priced on the design's complexity/intricacy & time required to perform those requests. Additional length is between $5-$70 extra. Tax Applicable.

Waxing Areas

Get rid of unwanted and stubborn hair with our waxing service. This procedure is applicable in the following body parts:

  • Eyebrow $15+
  • Lip $12
  • Chin $12
  • Face $50+
  • Under Arm $25+
  • Full Leg $70+
  • Half Leg $45+
  • Full Arm $50+
  • Half Arm $30+
  • Back $65+
  • Chest $40+
  • Bikini $35+
  • Brazilian $55+
  • Eyebrow Tint: $25+
  • Eyebrow Wax & Tint $35
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Hot Stone Foot Massage

30-Minute Foot Massage: Hot stones helps to relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, opens the flow of blocked nerves and promotes the natural function of healing.

Body Massage & Reflexology

Relaxation massage is a unique form of massage meant to restore balance to the mind & body. Take away from some fatigue, and would like to relieve some tenderness? This treatment is MEANT FOR YOU. Massage stones used in the process are a form of volcanic rock that retains heat and conveys the energy stored within. Beyond relaxation, this treatment is known to boost blood circulation, help reduce stress and anxiety, promote flexibility and an overall sense of well-being. Are you new to massages? This treatment is an excellent place to start.

30 MINS - $50 / 60 MINS - $90 / 90 MINS - $140

Benefits of Facial Treatments

With our facial sessions, our treatments can:

  • Release Dead Skin Cell Build Up
  • Soothe Your Skin’s Surface
  • Clear Clogged Powers
  • Block Impurities
  • Moisturize and Refresh Skin
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A definite MUST TRY! Sensational treatment for your skin through the use of intensive products customized to your skin type. This treatment cleanse pores, exfoliates dead skin cells, and provides relaxation with a shoulder massage and a hot towel. Revitalizing your skin, making it look healthy and bringing back the "glow".



You’re in for a deep relaxing cleanse, with the addition of massage and skin exfoliation for that hard-to-reach part of your back! Making your skin smoother & brighter with a heathy glow.

35 MINUTES - $100 / 75 MINUTES - $200



Integrating 24K gold into this treatment makes it a very luxurious treatment. The benefits of this treatment revitalize and bring back firmness to your skin through the formulation of mineral powder and marine algae. The combination of active and natural ingredients creates a tightening effect on your skin and neck while providing an intense moisturization.

30 MINUTES - $90 / 75 MINUTES - $180



Begin your treatment with relaxation along with skin cleansing, exfoliation and a hydro-jelly mask. We’ll formulate a cooling jelly mask to treat your skin type, which includes: soothing, firming, brightening, detoxifying and hydrating. A High-Pressure Nano Sprayer is also integrated into this entry-level deep cleanse treatment.

30 MINUTES - $90 / 75 MINUTES - $180



A luxurious facial treatment bringing back years of ageing. We'll begin this treatment with our signature cleansing, a rejuvenating process that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and GLOW. A moisture steamer is applied to your skin to open pores while you enjoy a relaxing hand massage and paraffin wrap treatment. Extraction is then followed to purify your skin, followed by a heavenly shoulder, facial and head massage. Complete this deluxe treatment with our signature collagen firming face mask & serum and hydrating neck treatment. The products and ingredients blend to benefit your skin while bringing an ultimate cure for your body and mind.

75 MINUTES - $220


L.E.D facial therapy also-known-as phototherapy, minimizes the appearance of acne, blemishes, pigmentation, redness and wrinkles. This treatment is known for its skin rejuvenation, brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. Our phototherapy treatment can be used to maximize the benefits of your facial treatment. Alongside phototherapy, your facial treatment includes deep pore cleansing, dead-skin exfoliation, intensive steam treatment, extraction, high-frequency L.E.D treatment, moisturizer serum. Not only does this treatment boost collagen production, but it also brings a fresh & revitalized look to your facial skin.

75 MINUTES - $220




Your skin has never been happier! Revamp your shining line with this treatment. We’ll begin this treatment with makeup removal, double cleanse, fragrant facial scrub, brightening & collagen serum + SPF. Consider damaged skin gone; it is also designed to repair & strengthen dry skin. With the use of premier products & a High-Pressure Nano Sprayer, your skin will be infused with moisture and completed with a perfect shining line.

30 MINUTES - $90 / 75 MINUTES - $180




A highly effective treatment to clear away those stubborn acne. This treatment is designed to clean the skin and remove impurities, debris, excess oil, and unclog pores through our skin exfoliation procedure. Reducing excessive oil production will kill acne-causing bacteria, resulting in reduce skin inflammation & irritation. With the combination of a High-Pressure Nano Sprayer, comedone extractor, face mask and facial massage, this treatment will leave you with acne-free glowing skin. Facial moisturization will also be applied to prevent your skin from drying out at the end of this treatment.

Recommended for: Acne skin, clogged pores, oily skin and combination skin.

75 MINUTES - $180

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Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation treatment that is chemical-free and is non-invasive.  This breakthrough treatment begins with the use of microcrystal diamonds to penetrate deeper into the outer skin layer. Your skin is then infused with vitamins and antioxidants, promoting the rehydration and growth of new skin cells in the living skin layer. This process further shifts impurities stored in your skin layer to the surface for removal. These processes bolster to renew your overall skin tone and texture. This treatment can improve the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, fine lines, sun damage, acne scarring, melasma, and other skin-related conditions.

75 MINUTES - $220

Eyebrow and Eyelash Services

Achieve eyebrows on fleek and long, thick eyelashes. We offer 3D eyelash extensions, volume eyelash extensions, and eyelash tint.

  • Classic – NEW EXTENSION SET $140+
    • Classic Refill $120+
  • Hybird Set $150+
    • Hybird Refill $130+
  • Volume Set $170+
    • Volume Refill $150+
  • Mega Volume Set $190+
    • Mega Molume Refill $170+
  • Eyebrow Tinting $25+
    • Eyebrow Wax + Tint Combo $35+

Children’s Services:

Apply to children of age 10 and under:

  • Princess & Prince Manicure $25
  • Princess & Prince Pedicure $35
    • Additional gel/shellac color for $10 for hands or toes
  • Princess & Prince Manicure & Pedicure Combo $55
    • Additional gel/shellac for both hands & toes for $20

Add-On Services

  • Paraffin Treatment...............................$20
  • Sugar Scrub.......................................... $7+
  • Mini Hot Stone Massage......................$7+
  • Designs...................................................$10+
  • Extra Length (Acrylic/Gel)...................$5-$60+
  • French (For Mani/Pedi)........................$10+
  • French (For Acrylic/Gel).......................$20-$50
  • Acrylic/Gel Colour Change..................$40+
  • Acrylic/Gel Removal.............................$30+
  • Acrylic/Gel Cut Down...........................$25+
  • Shellac Polish Change Toes.................$30+
  • Shellac Polish Change Hands..............$30+
  • Polish Change Toes...............................$25+
  • Polish Change Hands............................$20+
  • Toe Nail Cut............................................$20+
  • Finger Nail Cut.......................................$15+
  • Cuticle Soak & Trim..............................$20
  • Shellac Removal w/ Service..................$5
  • Shellac Removal.....................................$15
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Connect With Us

Venetian Nail Spa is open to any questions or concerns you may have about our services. Reach out to us today as we look forward to assisting you.